MEND THE CRACKS! … NDC Gurus Advised

Many Ghanaians sympathetic to the cause of the National Development Agenda of Ghana, have been following recent developments in the top hierarchy of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with heavy hearts; a situation which could further diminish NDC’s chances of wresting power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that seems to be groping in the dark for survival.

The apparent crack in the relationship between the former president John Dramani Mahama and some founding fathers and other gurus of the party must be mended forthwith before it assumes irreparable dimensions because, before the former president John Dramani Mahama joined NDC somewhere between 1995 and 1996, the NDC was noted be a formidable political party that other political parties emulated.

This calls to mind the good old adage of the Builsa people in the Upper East Region – “If you ever see a compound house without a crack in its walls, it is because there is a fool living in it”. By a fool, they do not mean a person who cannot think, but rather someone who is willing to sacrifice his or her time, energy and resources for the common good and pretend it does not hurt.

Obviously, the fundamental cause of the rift, which necessitated the present crack or division is greed and opportunism on the part of a few individuals deeply rooted in the corridors of power.

But who says greed and opportunism can wholly be uprooted in human endeavour? Even God incarnate experienced greed and opportunism from among His apostles! The only way to deal with the greedy and the opportunistic is to label them clearly, and eventually, they will hang themselves.

“The bird that is too crafty at weaving its nest runs the risk of weaving its own wing into the nest one day”- is the admonitory proverb the Dagabas have for cunningly greedy people.

With an olive branch in their hands, the true faithful of the NDC are calling imploringly on the leadership of the NDC to close their ranks and smoke peace pipe, and give the good people of Ghana a chance to hope for a better future. They are looking up to the council of elders of the party to curb the internal wrangling in the party and safeguard true internal democracy without fear or favour, for the betterment of the party because it is now clear that inordinate quest for power has obfuscated and clouded the sense of judgment of some people and, if not checked, could spell doom for the NDC going into the 2024 elections.


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