Demand accountability from your leaders- Ofori Atta urges Ghanaians

By Joseph Aggrey Junior –

-A private security analyst, Nana Kweku Ofori Atta, says citizens of Ghana must be bold to demand greater accountability from their elected leaders and public office holders.

To him, this would be the surest means through which politicians would become accountable to the electorate and formulate policies that would improve the lives of the people. Nana Kweku Ofori Atta, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Avcontech Security Masters, categorically mentioned that “the inability of Ghanaian electorate to hold their leaders accountable has been the bane of the country”.  In a circular, he explained that “political leaders continued to take the masses for granted because of the absence of strong mechanisms to strictly hold leaders accountable for their actions and inactions in the country”.

He, therefore, called for a shift from the traditional way of doing politics in Ghana where the citizens failed to interrogate what he called “vile and subterfuge propaganda” of politicians. He said, “The citizens have every democratic right to demand accountability from their leaders and the most important part is that in democracy, accountability minimises corruption”.  He added that “We have always failed ourselves and allowed the politicians to take us for granted because we have always failed to ask them questions and hold them to account to us”

He stated that “In Ghana today, it has become a normal routine for political leaders to make empty promises to citizens to influence their sovereignty while seeking votes but their sweet promises have always been a distant mirage”.

Explaining his points further, Nana Ofori Atta suggested that in order to stem corruption and its related issues in both public and private offices, there was the urgent demand for greater accountability.

According to him, this would end the syndrome where making of wild promises by politicians has become the order of the day with its attendant failures

“We need to set our priorities right as citizens to know our needs and wants as citizens. We need not to entrust our sovereignty into any disorganized leader and his/her political party to govern the country”. He said “We have given our political power and sovereignty in exchange for some food items and sweet words for far too long. We need to protect our political sovereignty because it is our power”. He added. The Avcontech Security Masters Chief Executive Officer is a Security consultant, entrepreneur, brand consultant and a philanthropist.

In his views, transforming Ghana with data mining under strict security surveillance system and tight centralized database system, would enhance the revenue mobilization in the country.

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

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