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A Message Of Hope For Investors

By Theodore Mawuli Viwotor-

-/ Anchoring on a message of hope for investors in, and outside of Africa;  Africa Specialty Risks, is encouraging large and small scale businesses to consider insuring their investments against risks to avoid loss of capital and other investments, for onward economic mobility.


Genevieve Arhinful, Head of Political Risk  and Trade Credit of Africa Specialty Risks posits that, “There are solutions for everything; we are the first place to start with. If we don’t do it, we have someone who can do it”.


Madam Genevieve Arhinful, Head of Political Risk  and Trade Credit of Africa Specialty Risks


This assurance pitches Africa Specialty Risks, an African-origin insurance and reinsurance company, as the preferred choice for investors interested in doing business in Africa or African desiring to venture into other investments outside the continent.


Through collaboration, Africa Specialty Risks provides real-time risk assessment, pricing adequacy and capacity deployment on political risks, liability, energy, property, agri-business, trade and many more within the scope of the global company that has already made significant inroads into the Ghanaian market.


“Political risks involve investments likely to be affected by legal or regulatory changes, but not change in government, as might be interpreted.” Madam. Genevieve Ahinful explained, assuring potential investors of risk mitigation as they do business in Africa or any other part of the world.


“We are not here to compete with any company but to help investors de-risk. We partner other insurance company and help build their capacities to meet the insurance needs of the various large and Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs),” she explained.


Africa Specialty Risks undertakes capacity building for other insurance and reinsurance companies, SMEs as well as carries out DNA of such businesses to help diagnose the issues affecting them for the appropriate solutions.


They deploy the qualified professionals to offer case-by-case, sector-to-sector advice to corporate bodies, acknowledging the specificity of every country and area of business endeavour.


We work with local institutions and banks through knowledge sharing and engagements, understanding how each country works, giving us the best outlook for the best results.


Madam Genevieve Ahinful remains confident about investors doing business in Africa, considering the stability and business climate, coupled with the vast opportunities available in the various sectors.


And, with insurance and reinsurance issues covered by Africa Specialty Risks, investors are assured of peace of mind as they expect returns on their capital.


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