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Ahanta Traditional Council Endorses Nana Akwanzi Abraba As Acting President

The Ahanta Traditional Council in the Western Region has given its full support and endorsement to the council’s newly appointed Acting President.

The endorsement comes in the wake of a temporary vacancy created by reason of the fact that the President is unable to perform his statutory duties and therefore the law requires that

Ahanta Traditional Council in the Western Region appoints acting president

a member ought to be appointed to act until the president is able to resume his duties.

In view of this, the Ahanta Traditional Council met on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, to discuss important issues in the Ahanta Traditional Area, including the appointment of an Acting President.

Nanaom decided and appointed Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV as Acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council at the meeting after thoughtful deliberations and several considerations.

Let it be known that the total membership of the traditional council stands at thirty one (31) of which number, there are 10 vacancies bringing the current membership to twenty one (21).

Present at the meeting were twenty (20) members which constitutes a majority.

We wish to unequivocally state that Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV, was duly nominated for which the said nominated was not contested making her the preferred choice.

It is therefore strange and disturbing to find in the the Cronicles

Known privately as Hon. Eunice Hinneh Buah and Western Regional Council of State Representative and Chief Executive Officer of Labianca allegedly imposed herself on the traditional council and thus is not qualified to occupy.

In a press conference held in Takoradi, the traditional council condemned some individuals for disrespecting the traditional council’s choice, which was duly carried out by council members.

Nana Akyekese, the traditional observer’s spokesperson.

We are not just to set the records straight, to the effect that our Traditional Council is more than united, but this public meeting with you is also to show and exhibit our utmost support for our newly appointed Acting President and above all to explain to all Ahantas that we took so many factors into consideration before arriving at the decision.


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