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IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare

By Newman Dotse

There is plot by some politicians to sabotage the present IGP, George Akuffo Dampare as they believe he is becoming too powerful for their liking and a threat to their ambition.

The man Dampare has obviously brought some respect to the police service by dint of hard work; yet, some top notch politicians are planning to use some of his own men and women in uniform to thwart his effort to pave way for the emergence of their preferred choice.

To say that Ghana is a country of near lawless people prior to the emergence of Dr. Dampare is not far from the truth but he managed the situation to the admiration of many Ghanaians.

Unfortunately, there are some politicians and other individuals hatching evil plans to kick out the present IGP out of office for no apparent reason, except mischief which we must all kick against as good citizens of this country if we still want things done right for the betterment of all.

Information reaching The Citizen Newspaper indicates that plans are advanced to wrongly use the police at the blind side of the IGP to intimidate, frustrate and engage some Ga chiefs in arm twisting game over a piece of land released to them by the state in the year 2020 and later blame it on the IGP for not doing his work well.

The information further revealed that such people once engaged the services of the Greater Accra regional police command to champion such cause last year without success and now planning to engage the police at the headquarters for same services, and later lure the IGP into the scheme through lies for him to eventually take the blame.

A document available to this paper has it that some chiefs in the Ga state have petitioned the president of the republic of Ghana asking for his swift intervention, and to deal with recalcitrant manner some of his appointees are lording over the governed, intimidating and expropriating lands bequeathed to them by their ancestors and selling them to amass wealth at the expense of the rightful owners.

These people the chiefs are complaining about per the information available to this paper are presently in talk with the police at the headquarters to assist in chasing the chiefs and their subjects off a piece of land released to them by the state on the instruction of the president, for their selfish interest.

Below is the petition filed by the chiefs:

We the undersigned are writing to seek your quick intervention to deal with recalcitrant manner some of your appointees are lording over us the governed, intimidating and expropriating lands bequeathed to us by our ancestors and selling them to amass wealth at the expense of the rightful owners.

We also wish to share with you our thoughts and displeasure regarding the covert and overt manner some of your trusted appointees, especially your deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resource, Benito Owusu-Bio have suddenly forgotten who you are and what you stand for and trying to tarnish your hard earned reputation.

Your Excellency, we have decided to stay calm and rather call on you for the needful to be done because we respect you and understand what you stand for.

We would like to bring to the fore the activities of the above mentioned minister of Lands and Natural Resources and his devotees,  which is aberration to your goals and aspirations for mother Ghana.

Hon. Benito Owusu Bio with the connivance of some of your appointees who doesn’t have your interest at heart except their self-gratification are undermining your authority and that of your Vice, His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia by engaging us in an arm-twisting game over the 40% dairy farms lands you have instructed the then Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Asumah Cheremeh to release to us the custodians of the lands, which was duly carried out by the Vice president   Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia and the then sector minister, to our admiration.

Unfortunately, Hon. Benito Owusu Bio has out rightly ignored the dictates of the acquisition document and rather created a strange scheme and managed to smuggle in unknown family in a bid to shortchange us.

It is rather unfortunate that at this material moment that Ghana flaunts itself of reclining in the rule of law and good governance, we have to get to a point where appointees rather disregard law and order and natural justice which govern all of us.

We know you have done what was expected of you as the father of the nation and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

We understand that politicians are often the victims of spurious complaints, but in this case, we have more than enough evidence to back our case; hence, all we are asking for is evenhandedness so far as rule of law and fairness are concerned.


Nii Djanie Tsuru Afutu Brempong IV (Chief of Danfa)

Nii Ashong Kojo III                             (Chief of Amrahia)

Nii Anang Amartey                              (Regent of Kweiman)

Nii Sango Amarh I                                (Teshie Akwashongtse)


IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare
IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare

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