ONSY JABS KUFUOR… Exposes Paul Adom-Otchere

The son of the first president of the Republic of Ghana, Onsy Nkrumah, has registered his displeasure over a dishonourable statement made by Paul Adom-Otchere and former President John Agyekum Kufuor, ostensibly to tarnish, and demean the integrity of his late father, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for no apparent reason.

Read the full statement:

I don’t understand this at all!! That same Paul Adom Otchere of Metro tv came to visit me in Cantonment with the late David Lamptey who was then the Presidential Advisor to the late Nkrumaist President Mills. They brought me a message from the President and they spoke very highly of Osagyefo.

Mr. Lamptey even said that his late father felt very privileged to have been one of my father’s drivers..etc.etc.

How people can and do change? Especially in Ghana it seems!!

I can also vividly recall former president Kufuor (little over 10 years ago) praising Osagyefo so generously and repeatedly in my presence and in the presence of my sister Samia and that of the old lady Mrs. Suad Sinare who first brought Madam or then Miss Fathia to Ghana from Egypt to introduce her to our father on 31st December 1957, her introduction resulted in their marriage within 24 hours of the introduction.

So I was equally amazed and dismayed to read that ex-President Kufour was Now saying that Osagyefo was a Visionless leader, after speaking so well about his Vision and his Great Leadership & Lasting Legacy and Achievements in the presence of at least 9 or 10 people including 2 of the great man’s children!! Amazing!!

Why Are Some Ghanaians Unable to Stay Consistent and Steadfast in their Declared Positions? Why? I Wonder!! Unfortunate!!

I can think of others too, but I limit my comment to those 2 most recent outbursts of these gentlemen talking anyhow about Osagyefo!! Very Unfortunate indeed!!

I should ask both or either of them if or when I should ever meet them again; I’d like to ask them; Why keep Changing their Positions? Like Quick Sand? Why? Is that a Manly or Honourable thing to do? Or are they Not Manly or Honourable?

I wish more of our Ghanaian people are more Reliable and Consistent; especially the Politicians who seem to think that everything and everyone are Fair Game! Why? Where are the Moral or Ethical Basic Standards or Moral Fiber of many of our people? I lament!!

No Wonder that Old and New CPP had Enough Traitors Within, over the years, since the First Republic days and till this very day!! 1966 Coup happened with the Betrayal and Duplicity of few of our earlier CPP traitors who Sold our Party, Osagyefo its Founder and the First Republic to our Wicked Enemies as we all Now know!! Nothing is New Under the Sun. Human Nature Can Be Very Devious and Treacherous at times!!

CPP and Ghana Desperately Need Consistent, Reliable, Morally Upright God Fearing Decent Committed People; even a Few of them to Restore CPP and to Rescue Ghanaians.

May God Have Mercy and Provide Ghana Such Good and Faithful Upright Men and Women to Do the Right and Needful things by Ghanaians. I Humbly Pray God to Help us and Make it Possible because nothing is impossible for God.


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