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APPOINTEES SABOTAGING PRESIDENT …As They Cause Arrest Of Chiefs In The Name Of President

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, has been trying so hard to put things right but unfortunately, some of his trusted appointees are busily working tirelessly to sabotage and thwart his efforts in a bid to amass wealth.

Classic examples are some dishonourable elements at the Lands Ministry and Lands Commission who see nothing wrong with amassing wealth by expropriating properties belonging to the poor and the vulnerable in society.

Sources close to some of these appointees, who spoke to The Citizen Newspaper on condition of anonymity, alleged that, one Mr. Alex Quainoo, former chairman of Greater Accra regional lands and now national chairman for Lands Commission and one Mr. Dadson, a technical consultant at the Lands Ministry, including Chief Director at the same Lands Ministry are disobeying the directives of the President as they have resolved to become impediment to the Chiefs and elders of Kweiman, Danfa and Amrahia in accessing their ancestral lands released to them by the President on the 27th of November last year.

The chiefs and their elders have threatened to defy the intimidation tactics employed by the two mentioned above and their appendages, despite the ill treatment they have gone through in their hands while working on the 40% of their land that has been demarcated to them on the orders of the President.

In the early hours of Monday July 12th this year, the Greater Accra regional command of Ghana police pounced on the chiefs of the three communities from Kweiman, Danfa and Amrahia over their own land released to them by the President, on the orders of the above mentioned names and their appendages, creating the impression that they were acting on the orders of the Vice President as well as the President of the land, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, ostensibly to destroy the chances of Dr. Bawumia.

What has annoyed the chiefs the most was Mr. Quainoo’s alleged involvement in their arrest. According to them, Mr. Quainoo met them several times when they were asking for the return of their ancestral land, in anticipation of getting a portion of what could be given to them by the president; and for him to have allegedly turned around and joined others to cause their arrest was unthinkable and inhumane.


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